Supporting Independent Businesses

The best part of my job is meeting the small businesses that use Bidvine to find new customers.

We believe in helping local entrepreneurs build their businesses by allowing them to own the customer relationship. Once we connect the customer and the service professional we step out of the transaction and let the customer purchase directly from the professional. The professional can then benefit from any repeat or referral business. This means the professional, if hired, wins a customer in every sense of the word (opposed to just winning a single project or ‘gig’).

Bidvine exists to be the catalyst that, through technology, makes it easy for independent businesses to grow.

Whenever you get a bid for a project on Bidvine, you’re getting a message from a local professional that is passionate about what they do and is eager to serve more customers. Whenever you hire someone through Bidvine, you’re supporting small local businesses. It’s just that simple.

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