Goldman’s trends in technology innovation

Scott Standford, Co-Head of Internet and New Media Investment Banking Division at Goldman & Sachs, shares his views on some of the latest trends in technology innovation.

One of my favourite points surrounds the rate user acquisition for online companies. According to Scott, some of the most well known/long-standing online companies today took upwards of 80 months to gain their first 15 to 20 million users. Today, by comparison, companies created in the last 6 or 12 months can reach that same user base in less than 10 months.

I also really enjoyed his observation on crowd-funding; it is amazing to see how companies like KickStarter can turn ideas into companies. On an aside, for those in the UK..KickStarter will be there by the end of the month.

Goldman Sachs: Biggest opportunities are in data, efficiency

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