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Time lapsed Shanghai

As I continue to explore Asia, I have always known that Shanghai was a place that I wanted to see first hand. The time-lapsed video below, created by by zweizwei, has only increased my desire to jump on plane and be mesmerized by this city.

Shot in Guangzhou, Shanghai.


Einstein..turns out…a pretty smart guy.


So simple & innovative.

Very cool find by @noodletank

21 Balançoires

The new way to swing – this installation combines childhood fun with the spirit of cooperation to create something that sounds great.

A little bit risqué

Although I wouldn’t recommend watching this video at work, it is a very cool video. Who would have thought that attaching a camera to a hula hoop would make for such a great video.

We are all connected

A great video by World Wildlife Foundation with a simple message.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Here is a great story about two entrepreneurs that rejected the status quo when it comes to bike helmets.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

The blue

When looking to create a film about tuna, of all things, this group discovered something a little bit more film worthy. Kudos to the film maker for building a camera rig that could be towed behind a boat.

A video about videos

Some perspectives on “viral videos” – all in all, it makes me want to buy a camera and start shooting.

#RISEABOVE Isolation

This is a great story sponsored by Nike’s Jordan brand. Below is just one video in a series found on Michael Jordan’s youtube channel. I think does a great job in demonstrating that brands can be promoted in a number of ways, and that this story-telling approach is far superior to the “buy me, buy me” advertising we have all come to know.