Lean Analytics: a must watch


I’ve read the Lean Start Up ages ago, and I plan on adding the Lean Analytics follow-up book into my collection as soon as possible. This is a spectacular video showcasing what is involved in properly understanding how your business is performing. This content is geared to early-stage organizations, but the lessons can be applied to a company at any stage.

Although this video is quite lengthy, I can assure you it is well worth it.

The Perfect Daughter


Here is a great spot for Promart Homecenter – most ads for hardware/home improvement depict do-it-yourself montages that inevitably transform where you live. Fahrenheit DDB in Lima, however, decided to take a brand new approach through the art of story telling.

The creative is so strong in this video that they didn’t even need to include dialogue to get their message across.

This well deserving spot won a silver Lion in Film last week at Cannes.

Source: AdWeek.com

Giant Jenga!


Here is a great piece of content that Cat released a couple of months ago – Cat machines versus the world’s largest Jenga game.

This video combines the nostalgia of Jenga with pure curiosity; we want to know if these big machines can accomplish this astonishing feat. Whilst entertaining, the underlying message is clear – Cat sells precision equipment.

Put a lid on it


Coca-Cola introduces new lids to extend the useful life of their packaging. They are currently piloting with 40,000 caps in Vietnam & will then be rolling it out across Asia.

Great move by a phenomenal brand.

Game changer

Game Changer

If you work in the world of marketing & promotions, then this video is for you. This has everything you need when it comes to promoting a product or service.



Vodafone has launched spectacular campaign that puts quality content before cheesy advertising taglines. There newest campaign Firsts captures real people experiencing things for the first time. From multi-sensory firework displays to the first female fight club in India, Vodafone was able produce content that anyone can relate to.. the joy and wonder of experiencing something for the first time.

Below are just a couple of the videos that I enjoyed and I encourage you to visit Firsts.com to see all of their content.

An & Ria’s #First Flight

Ota’s #First Big Rocket

A generic brand video


A great video that pokes fun of so many ads we see today. The best part is that this ad is for a company that sells stock footage. I am not sure if it is the best way to attract new customers, but it definitely got my attention.

E-Commerce: Life & Time

Here is a presentation I put together with my colleague, Naz Musa, for eTail Asia 2014. The presentation Naz gave was very well received; feel free to check out our slides below.

Giving is the best communication


One of the best ads of 2013 that will likely make you tear up.

TrueMove, a communications company in Thailand, created this widely popular video which tugs on the heart strings of anyone that watches it.

Making out is fashionable


This video is based off a spectacular creative concept. It is simple & something that everyone can relate to. It comes as no surprise that is one of the most highly shared videos of the week.

The fashion company Wren commissioned a video to help showcase their fall line up. The beauty of this execution is that it is not overtly branded; they managed to demonstrate the values and emotions associated with their brand without having to plaster their logo everywhere. Moreover, they managed to create an extremely piece of compelling content in an age when great content can spread like wildfire.